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Turbojugend USA Home of Turbonegro in the U.S. is one of the finest sources for Turbonegro information in the world! DARKNESS EVERYDAY!!!
Turbojugend Münster Deutsch Turbo site also features F2 in the tributes section!
Turbojugend Potsdam Another Deutsch Turbo site that has video and live mp3s from Turbonegro's Bizarre Festival appearance last year
turbo.archive All you ever wanted to know about Turbonegro, but were afraid to ask...
Afro Homo GONE!!! Portland's finest
Berma great acoustic guitar music - buy one of his cds
Johnny Cash
Cheerleader pure rock from Canada!
the 7th House the ultimate Danzig fan site
the Decrepits from right across the river! real punk from Augusta, GA!
Dirtwolf! tripped over this cat, and he blew my mind. Chicago noise!
the Donnas the Donnas are pretty and nice.
Ike Turner Overdrive Bucking the trend in Lawrence, Kansas and rocking it! Dethro Tull is hung like a horse!
the IndependentsOne of the greatest bands you will ever see and cool people to boot!!! Hey will, why's the room spinning?!
Leftöver Crack there's no such thing as leftover crack!
Melvins Melvins are the heaviest band on the planet.
Misfits Central MISFITS!!!
Queens of the Stone Ageofficial site
Queens of the Stone Ageunoffical site
The RetreadsBlue Ribbon Rock from Muncie, Indiana
Sahara Hot Nights in a perfect world, they would be with me
SLAYER official site
Three the Hard Way Southern Hardcore from Augusta, GA
Tiger Army Tiger Army Never Die!!!
Mike Watt's Hoot Page Mike Watt made Tracy cry...
Hank Williams III the only source for Hank3 and Assjack. Hellbilly!
Action Park: The Big Black, Rapeman, Shellac Pages your source for all things Albini - hasn't been updated in a while
Stoner Rock! just like the name implies - fat, bottom heavy grooves and fuzzed-out guitar. TONS of mp3's!
Into The Guts compHELLation on the web - your guide to punk compilations
World Wide Punk massive listing of punk band web sites nice punk music store - lots of stuff you can't find at the big stores


Adbusters Magazine give up toblerone? are you crazy?!
Unamerican Activities Srini is still here, and he still has shirts, stickers, and buttons that will help you shake things up. Buy Unamerican!
Maddox does Maddox really rule? maybe! is he an asshole? definitely!!!
Movie Poop Shoot Kevin Smith's movie site is fantastic
View Askewdid I mention I'm a big Kevin Smith fan?
Jinxworld!!! Bendis printed one of my letters!!!
Teenagers from Mars great indie comic
Mullets Galore this site could save your life you really need to check this one out!
Unarius Academy of Science these people are fucked up
Church of the Subgenius spend 5 minutes or spend 5 hours, you'll be no closer to understanding any of this
Landover Baptist let me know what this means to you
The Reverend Brendan Powell Smith check out the Brick Testament!!!
Ooze Magazine "The Journal of Substance, Wit and Dangerous Masturbatory Habits"
Weird Links some of these sites are pretty friggin' weird