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Prince of Crap

Theme Song from Prince of Crap.mp3 everyone needs a theme song.

Ash In My Eye.mp3 conversations lead to chaos

Stay Down.mp3 sometimes it's all you can do

Eselsgesicht.mp3 Death Lounge!

This Town.mp3 everyone hates this town, but no one ever leaves...

Album Tracks (Old Stuff)

"Worst EP Ever" still available Details

Big Giant Firefly.mp3 about getting drunk in the woods. From "Worst EP Ever"

State of the Union Distress.mp3 sometimes you feel political. From "Worst EP Ever"

Top 5 Strangest Non-sexual Dreams (no. 3).mp3 tribute to Prince by way of Wire. From "Worst EP Ever"


Hobbit Motherfuckers.mp3 Turbonegro cover

Filler.mp3 the Minor Threat classic gets the F2 treatment. while never straight edge, i always dug the Minor Threat.

Updated 02/10/04