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11/04/02Run-D.M.C.Rock BoxRun-D.M.C.1984Run-D.M.C. were pioneers in hip hop. R.I.P. Jam Master
10/28/02Budgie"Crash Course In Brain Surgery"Budgie1971This three-piece was around at the same time as, and just as heavy as Sabbath and Zeppelin but never achieved either band's popularity. They went on to record a number of albums, to little success. Metallica covered this one on Garage
10/21/02Atari Teenage Riot"Speed"Burn Berlin Burn1997This song comes from their first American release. Released on Grand Royal which went out of business in 2001.unavailableout of print
10/14/02Exuma"You Don't Know What's Going On"Exuma1970Exuma, named after a spirit balanced between the worlds of the living and the dead, was a major star in the Bahamas, but failed to get a following in the United States. His first two albums were heavily influenced by Obeah, a Carribbean tradition of sorcery similar to Cuban Santeria. This classic from his first album on Mercury Records sounds like a Carribean "Instant Karma" which was released that same year. Exuma-You_Don't_Know_What's_Going_On.mp3out of print
10/07/02Snuky Tate"New Time""Break The Rules No. 8"Original: 1979From the 7" "Who Cares?" which had a press run of 1000. San Fransisco punk band with black singer on a song that manages to bring to mind both late 70's Rolling Stones and Wesley