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10/10/2005It's been a year since the last update. Maybe some new songs soon, since my real band won't play them. Maybe some shows...
10/10/2004 I haven't updated in a while. Mainly because I've been too busy with my real band. It looks like people come here sometimes, but I know not who. Drop me a line.
02/10/2004 Out with the old, in with the new! I removed the Thumbknuckle song and put up a new demo "This Town" in the mp3s section.
12/25/2003 MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! As a special "treat" we've posted the Thumbknuckle classic "Merry Christmas, Now I'm Dead" in the
12/17/2003 SICK SICK SICK website is HERE
11/28/2003 Buy Nothing Day (unless you want to buy my cd - here )
11/22/2003 New Song "Theme Song from Prince of Crap" is in the mp3s section
10/31/2003 sick sick sick played tonight in the valley. the cops came because we were rockin after midnight
09/12/2003 R.I.P. Johnny Cash - thanks for all the great music
06/27/2003Sometimes you feel like ripping off Lynyrd Skynyrd and Bad Company at the same time. New song "Drunk Sunday" is in the mp3s section
05/27/2003400 hits! In honor of this, and as a sort of homage to the Dudes themselves, who put an instrumental version of "Fuck the World" as the b-side of the single, we've got the instrumental version of the "Hobbit Motherfuckers" cover in the mp3s section.
We are also putting the final adjustments on the new EP titled "Prince of Crap." Should hopefully be done by mid July, will have 5 or 6 songs and will most likely be slightly longer than "Back From Samoa."
Who cares?
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05/16/2003R.I.P. June Carter Cash
05/12/2003R.I.P. Noel Redding
04/22/2003Mike Watt!!!
03/26/2003New mp3: "Stay Down" is another original and its in the mp3s section.
03/25/2003Added a guestbook. Go on ahead and sign it!
03/18/2003New mp3: cover of Minor Threat's "Filler" in the mp3s section.
03/17/2003New mp3s: new song "Ash in My Eye" for your enjoyment. Another album track, "State of the Union Distress" added as well in the mp3s section.
02/27/2003Buy one of my crappy cds! Its right here: Worst EP Ever (I swear to God I won't rip you off!)
12/23/2002R.I.P. Joe Strummer: punk pioneer dies at age 50. I cannot stress how important the Clash were in my formative years. He will be missed
12/09/2002New mp3: improved (but much slower) demo of "Death Metal and Coffee" in the mp3s section
12/04/2002New mp3: rough draft of "Death Metal and Coffee" in the mp3s section
11/08/2002New mp3: "In the Dark" in the mp3s section
10/09/2002New mp3: über-lame remix of "Big Giant Firefly" in the mp3s section
10/04/2002New mp3's in the mp3s section
08/21/2002New links in the links section

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